Baby Gramps

Baby Gramps is an amazing amalgamation of everything that anybody’s ever heard. Baby Gramps has created a highly developed and completely original musical concoction that is easily the most intriguing synthesis to come out of the roots revival of the late 20th Century.

Jason Webley

Webley appears like a back alley prophet in layers of baggy clothes, a trench coat and an old porkpie hat; he leaps onto stages, window ledges and bartops, feverishly pumping the bellows and stomping out the beat while roaring and whispering in his passionate, gravelly baritone.

Hot Damn Scandal

Hot Damn scandal performs music that seems to be carved out of the broken heart of the American dream… you feel like you have heard these songs all your life. These are your favorite boots, your lucky hat, your Saturday night shirt, Your old dog that disappeared after the rain

High Step Society

At once groovy and raucously tight, High Step Society’s tunes growl to a Cotton Club vibe that plunges the depths of the EDM trench. Picture, if you will, traditional scotch on mechanical rocks, or hand-written scrawls on a word-processing page.

Jocose Bird

Jocose Bird will be playing our Friday night <strong>Saloon dance party</strong>! Dark weird jazzy tunes, peppy ragtime style, some slow sad operatic waltzes, and some made up languages to boot. Plectrum banjo accordion guitar fiddle and more!

General Mojo’s

General Mojo’s is a 5-piece genre-bending Psychedelic rock band from Seattle, WA. An amalgamation of distinct musical backgrounds, colors and grooves, Mojo’s strives for new depths in texture and rhythm.

The Living Arrows

Described as “rebel spirit pop”, and “the prelude to a perfect day”, they explore the range of the human experience through lilting saxophone solos, entrancing vocal harmonies, driving rhythms, and dreamlike electric guitar-scapes.


A collection of musical friends, Nathan Rivera, Jessie Andra Smith, Milly Raccoon, Trevor Mulvey, and Douglas Francisco, that join forces touring the world and sharing their original gypsy blues music.

Blue Flags and Black Grass

Are you ready to get rowdy?! Blue Flags & Black Grass will be joining us this year at Sh’Bang! You never know what you’re going to get, but there will be shouting and boot stomping, gauranteed!

Depending on the players for the evening, BFBG’s sound can be more of the jug/ragtime contingent or on the side of the gypsy-swing/bluegrass flavor….regardless…it’s good stuff.

Good Co

That new old sound, Electro Swing combines the era of illicit booze, jitterbugging flappers, and underground speakeasies with the funky beats and the electric sound of today’s dance music. As the US’s first Electro Swing Band, Good Co is proud to present this new genre to the states. Pounding dance beats are mixed with gypsy jazz guitar riffs, samples from the past turned on their head along with a live horn section blowing down the house.

Shine Delphi

Shine Delphi is a modern day troubadour travelling through this world with a resonator guitar and a few words to share. Born in Pennsylvania, raised in California, and rebirthed in the crescent city of New Orleans, this wandering minstrel is an act that will leave you feeling good and wanting more.

The Sexbots

Saturday 7pm at the Cedar Stage! Ilima Considine is a trans-disciplinary artist known for her quirky and provocative music videos, her neoclassical soundtracks, and fronting the experimental electronica project The Sexbots. Llima runs the gamut from soft spoken word, to effervescent cooing and singing, and everything in between. All on top of a range of instrumentals drawing inspiration from EDM, avant-garde music, trip-hop, and sometimes even indietronica.

Free Range Reveleers

A vaudeville ragtime blues duo roaming around the country bringing laughter and smiles.

Georgia Straightjackets

Also known as the Saloon House Band! Born at the Lookout Arts Quarry, they’ll make you stomp out of joy.

Mr. Moo

His music is a particular electro-acoustic blend of violin, sound-design, and infectious heavy beats. A Mr. Moo performance pulls heavily on sounds from all over the world, samples of music from different cultures and time-periods, all glued together to take you into another world. Check out his Soundcloud.


A gnome-ling raised by civilized humans. i sing for love, for healing, for to mend our wild roots. i love you, no matter what.

Matty From Life

Check out his Soundcloud.

Dog Tail Swing

Gypsy Pirate Hobo Skanking Melt Your Face Jazz


Pyschadelic exotica jazz guitar trio. Heavy metal free jazz. Film soundtrack reinventions. Surf rock.


Karla and the Singing Library



Just a little bit of psychedelic rock with a hint of calico. Meow.

The Debaucherauntes

Wild Klezmer Fusion with a Cabaret Twist! Dancing, whiskey-soaked singalongs, heartbreaking truths… everything you wish your circus-themed Bar Mitzvah would have been.

Midnight Owl

Midnight Owl’s performances draw from ambient, electro-acoustic, and field recording processes. Using re-purposed organ technology, cello, and electronics, they create lush soundscapes that suggest pulsing, energetic landscapes, both tranquil and yet frenetic.

Oliver Franklin

Oliver Franklin is a songwriter, composer and performer from Seattle, WA. His work ranges from gritty folk-noir to lush psychedlia and is woven together with a literate and evocative lyrical bent.


The Murtles engage and delight audiences of all ages with their porch stompin’, wash-tub bass bouncing jug-time traditional jazz, their twinkling-tap numbers and their on-stage family dynamic-antics!

Raveis Kole

A singer-songwriter chemical reaction: a band of two igniting the human spirit by melding Raveis’ caramel smooth, emotive vocals and percussive, groove driven acoustic guitar rhythms with Kole’s electric fingerpicking and harmonic explorations.

Rosy Glow

East Van Bass
Footwork // Juke // Future
♥ Check out their Soundcloud.

Ruby Flambé

Ruby Flambé is a retro-soul, blues-jazz duo featuring the soulful and distinct vocals of Bailey Ann Martinet on ukulele; accompanied by the improvisational flair of pianist/keyboardist Bob Paltrow. The synergy of Bailey’s other-worldly voice and Bob’s enthusiastic dance with the keys creates an enhanced experience through space and time.

Gypsy Blues

A fusion of jazzy folk and blues on National Reso-Phonic guitars and accordion, with interesting interplay between female and male vocals, their trilingual performances are uplifting, fun, and with a message for people of all ages and cultures.

St. Cinder

Got a case of wandering feet? Feeling those vagabond blues? Well, you’re in luck St. Cinder is coming to swing those blues right out of you!

Playing a mix of Ragtime, Folk and Vagabond Swing, these 6 traveling musicians are sure to get those feet a’itchin! Come get a taste of that elusive wanderlust.

swēēt əˈnäməlē

Drawing from a wide range of genres and moving effortlessly between them, a swēēt əˈnäməlē set can take you from one end of the world to the other, travel from day to night and back again, fall into a moment of the past and fly head first into the future. swēēt əˈnäməlē delivers eccentric, eclectic and engaging dance music for the people.

Fiona Rose

A one-woman band, Fiona Rose presents whimsical original songs with lo-fi folk-punk flare, holding down ukulele, percussion, and bell parts while singing. The playful, upbeat feeling of the music contrasts innocent, sweet melodies with words that speak to a cynicism or frustration with the human experience, frequently drawing surprised laughter or wry smiles.


Not to be missed, a spectacle of spectacular spectacles. An all-star circus vaudeville show of local and international feats of dynamic acrobatics and eclectic theatrical wonders. Modern circus in one of its finest grass root incarnations.

Shirley Gnome

From the heart of East Vancouver, Canada comes this internationally acclaimed, award-winning cabaret comedian known for her explicit lyrics, hilarious insights, and gorgeous voice. This smutty songstress, armed only with her guitar and sharp wit, will sing you shameless, obscenely honest songs about human nature that will have you in stitches. It’s unique mix of music, standup comedy, wickedly inventive lyrics, and biting social commentary. If you like your acoustic music on the smutty side, with a dollop of empowerment and a dash of sequins – you don’t want to miss this.


La Lune de Femme

Do you want to be worshipped and adored? La Lune de Femme – a raucous but reverent encounter with the Goddess. Led by a beer-swilling High Priestess and her Man-Maidens, is evening of song, dance, and ritual to reflect the divinity in you – the divinity that looks more like diva in a sequined toga than a old dude in the sky.

Mime Of A Snail

As artistic collaborators, they are interested in exploring beyond the boundaries of traditional theatre, and creating magical immersive experiences for their audiences.

Shadow Sail Theatre

An interactive evening dedicated to the wild frontiers of shadow art, presenting international multi-disciplinary artists bending the principles of light and shadow. Shadow techniques unveiled, contraptions of scrap plastic become whimsical worlds, invented instruments honk, silhouette dancers with extra appendages and long feelers wiggle and squirm, moths land on the overhead projector – their translucent wings illuminating on the big screen, strange and beautiful things that we can’t even plan are going to happen.

Animal Cracker Conspiracy

A contemporary hybrid puppet company that focuses on devised ensemble based work. They utilize a multi-disciplinary approach as an exploration of where fine art, puppetry, performance art, physical theater, and mixed media intersect.

Wren Schultz, Della Moustachella

Dearly local all-star performers and buskers. Don’t miss their not-to-be-missed phenomenal family-friendly circus themed variety show!